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KAFS 2022 Course Diary


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Excavation of the World Heritage Site of a Roman Palace at Oplontis near Pompeii in Italy - MAY/JUNE 2022

We will be back in Oplontis (To Be Advised) for another season of excavation but be quick as last year we were fully booked. And if you are booked the only criteria is that you are a member of the Kent Archaeological Field School and that you have some experience or enthusiasm for Roman archaeology, Italian food and Italian sunshine! See also the website for the project at Please note food, accommodation, insurance, and travel are not provided.

Flights to Naples are probably cheapest with EasyJet. To get to Pompeii take a bus from the Naples airport to the railway station and then the local train to Pompeii. Hotels are about 50eu for a room per night.

We are staying at are the Motel Villa dei Misteri and the Hotel degli Amici - For camping the site Camping Zeus is next to the hotel: and is about 12eu a night. Transport to Oplontis from Pompeii is not provided but most of the group use the local train (one stop). Please note it can be hot so bring sun cream and insect repellent! Any queries email me at or in Naples call my mobile on 07885 700 112. We will meet up at 8am every Monday morning of the dig at Motel Villa dei Misteri to start the new week.

Field Walking and Map Analysis Easter 2022 – **CANCELLED**

Field work at its most basic involves walking across the landscape recording features seen on the ground. On this weekend course we are concerned with recognising and recording artefacts found within the plough soil. These include flint tools, Roman building material, pottery, glass and metal artefacts. One of the uses of field walking is to build up a database for large-scale regional archaeological surveys. We will consider the importance of regressive map analysis as part of this procedure. The course will cover:

1. Strategies and procedures,
2. Standard and non-standard line walking, grid walking,
3. Pottery distribution, identifying pottery and building ceramics.

We will be in the field in the afternoons so suitable clothing will be necessary. Cost £20 if membership is taken out at the time of booking. For non-members the cost will be £25.

Archaeological excavation of a Roman villa and Watermill at Wye in Kent, Date TBA

Archaeological excavation on the site of a recently discovered Roman Villa and water mill at Wye in Kent.

On this ten day investigation we shall look at the ways in which archaeological sites are discovered and excavated and how different types of finds are studied to reveal the lives of former peoples. Subjects discussed will include aerial photography, regressive map analysis, HER data, and artefact identification. Within this investigation there is a five day course TBA which will be especially useful for those new to archaeology, as well as those considering studying the subject further. After tea break we will participate in an archaeological investigation on a Roman building under expert tuition. Expert diggers are not required to participate in the tool box talks.

Training week for students at the Roman villa, and Watermill at Wye, Date TBA

Training Week for Students on a Roman Water Mill at Wye in Kent It is essential that anyone thinking of digging on an archaeological site is trained in the procedures used in professional archaeology. Dr Paul Wilkinson, author of the bestselling "Archaeology" book and Director of the dig, will spend five days explaining to participants the methods used in modern archaeology. A typical training day will be classroom theory in the morning (at the Field School) followed by excavation at the Roman Water Mill at Wye.

Topics taught each day are:

Monday. Why dig?
Tuesday: Excavation Techniques.
Wednesday: Site Survey.
Thursday: Archaeological Recording.
Friday: Small Finds.
Saturday and Sunday (free) digging with the team.

A free PDF copy of "Archaeology" 4th Edition will be given to participants. Cost for the course is £100 if membership is taken out at the time of booking plus a Certificate of Attendance.

Trip to Arles, Date TBA

The Kent Archaeological Field School is planning to take a group of KAFS members by train from Ashford in Kent down to Arles and staying at a medieval hotel in the centre of Arles with day trips to Nimes, Pont du Gard, the Roman city of Glanum and lots lots more. To register your interest email for further detais. Price of the trip will be at cost.

The Roman city of Arelate, today known as Arles, France, was one of the most important ports of the later Roman Empire. After siding with Julius Caesar during his civil war against Pompey, the town was formally established as a Roman colony for Caesar’s veterans in 46 or 45 B.C. Strategically located along the Rhône River in southern Gaul, Arelate developed into such a major economic, political, and cultural center that it was referred to as the “little Rome of the Gauls” by the fourth-century poet Ausonius.

Today, the city’s left bank, which served as the Roman settlement’s civic and administrative heart, is strewn with the remnants of ancient monuments: a theatre, an amphitheatre, baths, and a circus. It has long been thought that the city’s right bank was far less developed in the early Roman period, only witnessing significant growth decades or centuries later. However, this perception of ancient Arles is beginning to change as an ongoing investigation uncovers parts of a wealthy Roman residential area, providing new evidence of the early development of Arles’ periphery and also revealing some of the finest Roman wall paintings found anywhere in France.

Excavation of a Roman Building at Bax Farm near Sittingbourne, Date - TBA

An opportunity to participate in excavating and recording Roman features in the landscape from this iconic site with its Roman octagonal bath house. Members £10 a day Non-members £15 a day.

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